Christmas is almost over :(

How was your Christmas?

Ours was just lovely and I wouldn't have changed anything!

We shared Christmas Eve with close family and friends. Big Boy Luke (BBL) was so excited - he just couldn't get to sleep and had to keep listening for Santa's sleigh bells or the reindeer feet on the roof. Christmas is so magical for five year olds!

How lucky were we? We had a lazy lie-in on Christmas morning! BBL slept till 8.30am and Baby Matthew eventually woke up at 9am! My Wonderful Husband (WH) was pacing the hallways waiting for the kids to wake up! Not that we're complaining of course!

We had a lovely Christmas Lunch in Wamboin with family. BBL had a wonderful time! Horse-rides, swimming and kite flying (very difficult when there is only a gentle breeze, if that!).

Boxing Day was also spent with close friends and left-overs. The perfect way to finish the Christmas meal!

As for me, I'm happy to be relaxing. My craft table is still packed away (it had to make room for Christmas meals) and it's just itching to resurface again! The only problem is, I have to pack up all the Christmas stuff first. And that is not a quick job!! I did finish my Christmas Angel though (you only need to make room for a needle and thread!). She's very cute. I might have to make some more next year! What do you think?

Anyway, I hope your Christmas was as magical as ours! BBL has already asked how many weeks till Christmas again. Easy answer this time. 52 weeks!!

Not that we're counting of course!

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