Sneak Peek

Isn't it amazing how quickly time can go? Wednesday went in a flash, as did Thursday! And sometimes children just don't give you the chance to sit down at a computer! Baby Matthew is crawling, climbing and into everything, but at the moment he has a persistent cough that just won't go away and is disturbing his normally good sleep patterns (and mine too:). So I thought to myself - that's ok. Friday is a good day to catch up with everything. LOL!!! Maybe it has something to do with my WH (aka Wonderful Husband) working afternoon shifts - but I just didn't get much time to myself!

But that's ok! A bunch of us sat around my dining table last night and made Christmas cards. All we needed was the Christmas music in the background and it could have been December already!!

I have to admit I only played a little while with Christmas cards as I HAVE to get birthday invitations into the mail tomorrow for Baby Matthew's Big First Birthday! I finished the invites today - now must go and put them in envelopes ................

Today I have also been busy working on the Christmas Countdown for tomorrow. Poinsettias are the theme this week. The beautiful red flower that we just have to associate with Christmas. I will give you a sneak peak now.....
Have I got your curiosity now???

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