Melbourne Cup Day!

It's Melbourne Cup day today and here in Canberra we too have a public holiday and get to join in on the celebrations. No one really knows what the public holiday is for but we join in on the Melbourne Cup fun anyway (and being a born and bred Melbourne girl - you just have to anyway!). This afternoon we went to a friend's house for a Melbourne Cup afternoon tea, complete with nibblies, champers and of course, the Sweeps. Big Boy Luke won the kid's draw and I came third in my draw. We broke even I think :) Have to be happy with that!

Today I decided to try the collage style card that I made earlier last week, but in pinks for a baby girl (and yes a friend had a baby girl last week - I told you there was something in the air!). I used pinks and greens, the Nursery Necessities set from Stampin' Up! and embellishments. I think I like the boy card with the blues better but maybe, just maybe, I am getting used to living in a household full of men!

I will post all the colours and details on the Gallery page - so you can see what I've used.
Tomorrow will be a reality check though - back to work after having a long weekend (5 days off in fact!) but I got the Please Come (invitation set) from Stampin' Up! today. Just in time to make birthday invitations for Baby Matthew's first birthday. So I will still get to play this week!
ps: I couldn't upload the picture properly (it kept rotating sideways) .... to see the picture, check out my Stamp with Me website at and go to the Gallery page!

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