My study is almost done!

I have been saving this piccy - just in case! And today's the day to use it! Remember the sneak peek on 23 October and then the unveiling of the card on 24 October??? Well, I also enclosed the gift voucher and card in a matching envelope. I then used lovely green and silver organza ribbon to wrap the envelope and made a matching tag using the Scallop Circle and Circle punches from Stampin' Up! as well as decorating it with flowers.

What do you think of my roses in the background?? At the moment our side fence is absolutely full of beautiful yellow and white miniature roses (I think it's called the Banksia rose). It took a bit of a beating yesterday in the wind and dust storm. There are petals all over the place. But the roses still look beautiful :)

Now back to the reason why I was saving this one for another day! I'm supposed to be writing a university assignment. Actually, I am - it's just not finished yet but only 300 words or so to go!! Woohoo!! The end is almost in sight! I've spent the last 2 days on study leave working pretty hard if I do say so myself. I hardly emailed and surfed the web at all! Amazing really!

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