Happiness is ................. a Cupcake!

How cute is this? I needed a girly moment! When Big Boy Luke made me his Mother's Day Card, inside he had written (with his teacher's help) ... I love my mum because she makes cupcakes. Isn't that beautiful. Well today, I just had to make myself a cupcake. A non-fattening one for a change!

I am trying desperately to remember where I got my idea - but I think I got it from this blog while I was surfing the web thinking about cupcakes ........ http://linseyrickett.blogspot.com/
I used the Sprinkles and Warm Words set/s from Stampin' Up, the wonderful white gel pen to "sew" the edges, some buttons to jazz the "icing" and Stampin' Up! markers for the lines of the "cupcake paper". You can do so much with such a simple idea!!? My challenge is to you .......... what can you bake with your cupcakes! Email me your pictures and we'll have a "bake off"!!

This card is off to visit Australia Post tomorrow - as it gets delivered to my friend's daughter for her birthday. Of course, we share a fondness of cupcakes which helps!

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